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At JDL Construction, our work typically begins with establishing a solid base. Whether excavating to form driveways, land forms, retaining walls or foundations; knowledge of soil types, drainage patterns and grading is a must. The playground below started  with a substantial excavation effort in order to create two level areas, which were then divided by a handicap ramp seat wall.  This served to separate the preschool area from the toddler one.  Mass grading evolved to fine grading of the base material, so that the pour in place safety surface blends seamlessly with the loose safety surface, walkways, and perimeter picket fencing.

This is one of our recent projects in Branford. This project took place at First Congregational Church. Our task was to make this play scape safer by first creating level areas, then by installing upgraded equipment and safety surfacing.  We utilized a pour-in-place rubber safety surface in conjunction with traditional soft mulch.

Click Here to see article in the Branford Seven:

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